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What is Being Sustainable?

Webster's dictionary defines sustainable as 1: Able to beused without being completely used up or destroyed 2: Involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources and 3: Able to last or continue for a long time.

The Willow Tree Center was created with holistic sustainability in mind. Meaning that to live sustainably we need to embrace the concept of living a lifestyle that is grounded in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. There are many ways we can empower ourselves, and those around us, to live more sustainably. Environmental education is just one component of sustainable education. Recognizing this will help to change how we view our work, our personal and spiritual lives, and assist us in seeing how these various aspects of our lives no longer need to be compartmentalized and how they are actually connected.

To understand this may require a change in perspective and a willingness to re-examine your life. Personally, it required me to reconnect the with the love within and the development of what could be called “a holistic sustainable lifestyle.” It is the vision of the Willow Tree Center to share various programs with the members of our community so that you may be encouraged to rethink your role in being sustainable, so you assist others in reflecting on their life choices. These profound internal shifts on a deep and personal level highlight the importance of sustainability not only for our entire planet but also for the health of our communities and the life of each individual we come into contact with.

A holistic sustainable lifestyle is the concept that each individual benefits from lifestyle choices that promote healthy minds, bodies, and emotions, making one’s self and life “sustainable.” Sustainability extends beyond environmental activities, economic policies and social justice. A holistic sustainable lifestyle seeks to incorporate actions and activities that support personal and sustainable lifestyles so that each individual has the personal capacity to contribute, in a healthy and sustainable way, to the larger local and global community. This concept is first and foremost centered on the true self, the heart. The fundamental truth of Loving Yourself is one of our core teachings. Having love, compassion and respect for ourselves is necessary in order to heal on a larger scale.

Finding the balance within each area and feeding all aspects of our being- spiritual, mental, emotional and physical creates a happier and healthier person and also a better friend, co-worker, family member and earth steward. We can then be more available for others because we have first been available to have compassion and love toward ourselves.

The Willow Tree Center offers many programs from which to choose, you can decide how you’d like to participate. Explore our website or sign up for our for our Compassionate Mindfulness Meditation gathering on Facebook Live September 12 at 1:pm or September 13 at 7:pm. Email me at

for additional details. Or phone: 760.458.0150

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