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Yoga & meditation can provide numerous benefits:


  • improves the immune system and overall health, resulting in decreased absenteeism sickness levels

  • teaches individual stress management

  • increases productivity, motivation, and work performance

  • improves decision making and creativity

  • drops your blood pressure & improves your maximum uptake of oxygen

  • regulates your adrenal glands

  • promotes a sense of well-being and happiness

  • lowers blood sugar and encourages weight loss

  • relaxes your system

  • improves your balance

  • maintains your nervous system

  • builds awareness for transformation

  • prevents IBS and other digestive problems

  • increases your self-esteem

  • can ease your pain

  • gives you inner strength    

  • encourages  a healthy lifestyle

  • helps the lymphatic system fight infection,  boosting immunity


  • increases energy, mental alertness, and clarity

  • improves stamina

  • improves morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns

  • improves memory, focus and concentration

  • reduces muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions

  • improves flexibility and physical strength

  • improves breathing

  • decreases headaches

  • improves confidence

  • improves sleep

  • improves your flexibility

  • builds muscle strength

  • perfects your posture

  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

  • can realign and protect your spine

  • increases bone density in the vertebrae. 

  • lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol

  • increases your blood flow and improves circulation

  • lowers the resting heart rate and increases endurance

Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment, with curiosity, and without judgment.
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