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The Willow Tree Center offers workshops, courses, and classes. As a result of our services, people are more inspired, motivated, productive and peaceful. Their presence on the planet is more beneficial. Your donations provide these programs and they are fully tax deductible. Thank you!

Adding to what we have already created the Willow Tree Center and its board of directors intend and are committed to adding yoga and mindfulness sessions to at-risk youth in our North County San Diego Schools that are underserved. But without your financial support, our youth will not have the scientifically proven benefits of these programs.

This interview adds clarity to our vision!

The Willow Tree Center has positioned itself to be a leader in the community with sustainable programs for children and families.  It is our belief that everyone deserves to have access to programs and classes that help alleviate stress and as a result create a more just and peaceful society. The children are our future and it is our responsibility to make sure our future is one we all can live in with dignity, hope and prosperity.

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Our annual Kids' Camp serves the underserved with a Farm to Table gardening and cooking camp. These camps have proven to be invaluable to the families of the North County San Diego community. Above is Samantha head chef at Privateer Coal Fired Pizza donated her time and talent to teach our campers the importance of fresh healthy food and she taught them how to make their own delicious salad dressing.

Above: Gardening in the city, the campers learned how fun and easy it is to create an urban garden.

Left: Thanks to Doris Lu-Anderson the kids learned the importance of yoga and mindfulness, adding to their well-being and enhancing their learning abilities.

Kids' Camp 2019

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