Elaine’s interest and love for whole food nutrition began over 22 years ago when her own health was compromised due to a busy, hectic lifestyle and career in the mortgage business. Through exploration and experimentation, she found ways to regain her own health and wellness and discovered the importance of nourishing both her own body and her own heart.


As Elaine continued her healing journey, She began teaching classes and workshops at preschools, libraries, health care professionals’ offices, senior centers, corporate businesses, and wherever she could in order to educate and inspire others to make healthier choices in their lives for both themselves and their families. This soon led to healthy cooking and food choice classes for adults and programs to teach children of all ages how to make healthier choices.


Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom as she leads the whole foods for health and wellness workshops and classes.



Sharon DeLeon was born in Japan, “an Air Force Military Brat,” lived all over the US, and moved to California when she was 13. Feeling alone and searching for a better way, she found Seaside in 2002 and it has been her guiding light on her transformational journey to living a more authentic life and answering the deep call to service.

As a Practitioner, Sharon has a full-time practice at Seaside; served as President of the Practitioner Core Council; taught classes, including Practitioner 2; facilitated and authored several Sacred Circle curriculums; and coordinated Special Events, including the annual Pledge Program and The Season for Non Violence program with the weekly “Good News” reports.

Sharon feels in alignment with her life purpose when she is able to sit with clients in their pain, discomfort, and darkness, holding the light and supporting them as they heal and transform their life situations through the use of Science of Mind principles and the power of prayer.


Sharon has a degree from Brooks College in Fashion Merchandising and has been a Buyer, a Merchandise Manager, and Director of Allocations and Planning. She lives in Oceanside with her husband, David, and their son, Ramon. Sharon says that recently becoming a mother has been her greatest call to service.




Allison Doyle is a highly experienced yoga teacher and personal trainer. She works with clients of all ages, and specializes in vinyasa power and restorative group classes with an emphasis on alignment and breathwork. Allison received her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher certificate from Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA, and her personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). In addition, Allison holds a fitness instruction and exercise science certification from UCSD Extension, a program focused on metabolic disease prevention, nutrition for athletes and exercise for special populations. Allison also served as the event programming coordinator for IDEA Health & Fitness Association, a company dedicated to bringing top line education to fitness professionals worldwide. On the Mat With Allison




Kayma is a gifted energy healer and bodywork practitioner. She was introduced to Reiki and the teachings of Yoga at a very young age and always intuitively felt these ancient teachings would be a part of her life's path. Over ten years ago, with signs to clear to ignore, she began her professional work as a Reiki Practitioner and has never looked back. Through in-depth training, hands-on experience and her innate intuitive abilities she has cultivated a unique offering that blends a full spectrum of care from the physical to the energetic. Her sessions aim to provide an authentic and intelligent space for those looking to find relief in their body, freedom in their mind and deeper meaning in their everyday life.




Brittany Hudson started on her path of meditation at the age of 17 discovering the benefits of many different types of meditation. At the age of 21 she was introduced to Mindfulness Meditation and has been in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation for over 25 years. Because of her passion for meditation and its benefits she started teaching publicly in 2014. 




Tia has been making a positive difference in the community for over 30 years by sharing her compassion for healthy, sustainable living.  Even though she has extensive education, it is her experience and love of what she does that allows her to bring you the best possible experience and results.


With any service you choose, Tia will treat you as the holistic being that you are, utilizing yoga, meditation, nutritional guidance, homeopathy and more to bring you into balance. 


Your health and well-being are Tia’s passion and purpose! There is a way to enjoy life and good health and Tia can help you find your own perfect formula.

e-RYT 500, Holistic Health Practitioner




As a Yoga Instructor with a background in Child Development, Katie is a firm believer in meditation, patience, and mindfulness and their positive effects on individuals and families. Katie earned her B.S. in Human Development and her B.A. in Philosophy from Virginia Tech. She received her RYT-200 hour certification from Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA. Katie is a lover of knowledge and has continued her education with a certification in Restorative Yoga, as well as a certification for the Yoga Wall for a healthy back. She just completed her Yoga Therapy Training and she continues to participate in workshops to further her skills. Her passion is guiding individuals on their spiritual journey to help better themselves and live their best life.


NANCY MARKS ~ Founder of The Willow Tree


Nancy Marks has been on an awakening journey for over 30 years, and recently she had a profound spiritual awakening that cracked open her heart and expanded her consciousness. In addition to her personal experiences, she has studied with renowned healers that allowed her to discover life-changing healing and transformational techniques. It is through her profound experiences and personal practice that Nancy is qualified to support us as we go from self-doubt and dysfunction into an evolution in consciousness. She gives us an opportunity to reclaim our self-empowerment, realize our inner wholeness, and accept ourselves as the Divine Beings that we are. Nancy’s accelerated healing techniques work to enrich our lives in every way.


Nancy is a Spiritual Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Transformational Mentor, Energy Alchemist, and Yoga Instructor. She is committed to personal growth and uses multiple modalities to find inner peace and empowerment. She offers powerful private sessions via phone and Skype, including Coaching Sessions, Metaphysical Spiritual Mentoring, Awakening Coaching Sessions, and Energy Healing. nancy@willowtreecenter.org






David believes there has always been a “Divine Hand” in his life. He truly believes that Life, or Infinite Spirit or God has looked out for him. He has no doubt that there was a definite plan for his life. David’s gifts and talent did not ‘pop up’ overnight. For the past thirty years, David has been transforming his thinking, celebrating little daily victories, co-creating a loving family life. Plus he has been learning how to give into the world community with faith and joy.




Barbi has always been drawn to Eastern philosophies and practices. Her journey has been one of discovery and delight in which she deepened her personal practice and found the teacher within.

She chose gentle hatha yoga because it means freedom —freedom of movement. Freedom to find one’s voice and be present without judgment. The focus of her teaching is to empower others to experience this freedom—to leave the ego outside the studio and be true to one’s spirit starting with this moment. Integrating a practice of love and self-care into her classes is a primary focus as she encourages students to experience the poses from the inside out at their own pace.

Barbi anchors her classes in “Ahimsa”, which is compassionate awareness and love for all things, including, and especially, ourselves. It’s about cultivating more clarity, compassion and grace into our lives. Her mantra is “Be strong and stay soft.” She is committed to honoring and respecting life and sharing her learnings with others. She champions yoga as a way of life, a sacred place for exploration, self-discovery and growth. Gentle Hatha Yoga, 200 YRT, Continuing Education at Soul of Yoga



Taro is a Certified MLP Mindfulness Teacher who deeply enjoys leading a meaningful life, cultivating genuine happiness, and spreading loving-kindness and compassion in his life and the lives of others. He is grateful for this opportunity to share these practices that can be learned through the MLP Foundations Course. These practices include cultivating true happiness, developing emotional well-being, developing a consistent meditation practice, living in accordance with your values, and learning valuable daily practices that are key to living in complete Mindfulness.

Having lost the ability to live in accordance with the values instilled in him growing up, in 2003 he transformed his life and began a new way of living. His gratitude for reclaiming these values into his own life is conveyed in his teaching. These values include honesty, respect, humility, trustworthiness, and integrity. Cultivating new ones such as compassion, discipline, attentiveness, balance, stillness, selflessness, and wisdom has brought him to this invigorating time in his life.


Over the last two years, Taro has helped hundreds of people learn a Mindfulness practice which has helped them better cooperate with life, develop a meditation practice, discover ways to bring their values into themselves and their workplace,  and balance emotional intelligence, The sudden loss of his father in 2005 encouraged Taro to redirect his spiritual path. Searching for teachings that would help with suffering, relationships, and balance he found Mindfulness and dedicated himself to the practice. Thanks to the Mindful Life Program he has developed the capability to teach and make a difference. Taro is prepared and qualified to share his life's experiences and journey with you. He invites you to share your life with him and allow him to help discover a true Mindfulness practice that works for YOU and your organization!            




S’Marie Young helps executives and professionals discover their strengths and lead from within. Her mission is to awaken leaders to lead authentically, inspiring and empowering others in service and self-responsibility. The result is that her clients enjoy higher levels of conscious leadership and a greater self-mastery, inspiring authenticity of service and depth of relationships, allowing them to achieve a higher level of success.

Using a combination of cutting edge tools and processes, she helps clients achieve exceptional personal growth and incorporate innovative approaches to communication and leadership, so they can achieve an extraordinary life and business results exceeding their boldest aspirations. S’Marie also coaches people through reinvention, facilitating their transformation by bringing strengths, experience, and yearning into a new, more meaningful role.

A lifelong commitment to self-development, she is a meditation and yoga practitioner and has been studying and using the Enneagram for over twenty years. She brings a solid foundation of business experience through an extensive background in commercial real estate, having created and achieved successful ventures for clients and partners.



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