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Intention & Ceremony: This is a unique way to set a collective/group or individual intention using the power of ceremony. This ceremony will use the 4 elements and call on spirit animals and ancestors – there is never a lack of magical moments. 


Massage for Stress Reduction Workshop: Learn how to relieve sore muscles caused by stress. Your class instructor will lead you down a blissful road to relaxation and guide you on how to holistically take care of the body and mind through various massage techniques. 


Love Yourself ~Full Capacity Living: This workshop offers deep self-discovery by helping you to peel the onion of your deeply held beliefs. You take a journey with guided meditations, breath exploration, energy work, and experiential deep diving. 


Wellness Lunch and Learn: Learning more creative ways to include more plant-based food into our diet is essential. It’s amazing that there are so many ways in which to make delicious plant-based cheese & crackers, smoothies, and dips. One of the Willow Tree Center’s facilitators, Elaine, has been working diligently to get the word out to corporations and other organizations for years.  Her knowledge and experience are vast and she presents with a warm and inviting style. She loves questions.


The Life Visioning Process: Participants of this workshop will have an opportunity to embrace the great understanding that comes through when being led in the Visioning process.  This will then allow you to create the ideal conditions for the emergence of your unique gifts, talents, skills, and how the Universe wants to express itself through you.


Reiki I: This is the first level of Reiki and it gives you a chance to go deeper into learning and connecting with your chakras/energy centers. You will also be given the Reiki I attunement and you’ll feel the energy and be able to self-treat and treat those you care about. Also, if you were interested in further exploration of Reiki you would be qualified to take Reiki II.

Mindful Listening: In this program, you will learn the fine art of listening in order to create better communicators with your colleagues, teammates but also your clients. This is great for sales teams when working with potential clients. This takes the 2 ears - one mouth method to a new level.


Mindful Breath Work: Learn how to use your breath and move your body as you formulate intentions and make declarations.  Learning these techniques will help you to maintain your life’s vision through the daily distractions and the untimely delays that can accompany life as a human. Get ready to be transformed.




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