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Because there hasn't been a lot of communication from the Willow Tree for a few months I feel that it is necessary to offer a brief update.

Personally, there has been a lot of change over the past several months that forced me to do some deep self-assessment. Of course, as most of us know, from experience, some journeys can be a little less pleasant than others but in the end we always end up better than we were prior to the challenge. We may end up stronger, more loving, more compassionate more willing to stand up for yourselves or less willing to take crap. Whatever the benefit from our painful catalyst, does not matter. Reap it and grow!

The gory details do not matter, for there are many of us who are suffering in one way or another, it’s seems to be part of the human experience at this time. As the forever optimist, I believe that there can and will be an end to the collective suffering. As more and more people step into the truth of their purpose on this planet and begin to practice unconditional love toward themselves, that pure, honest and heartfelt love will naturally flow out and over so that others will benefit from this presence. I know that more people are waking up to their true light and their true being. We are waking up to a 5D consciousness.

Right now we still have a bias toward the negative, 3D consciousness. However, as we each make conscious choices, in each present moment, (aka, mindfulness), to live from a place of light and love the more rapidly we will see peace on this planet. Change really does begin with each one of us individually. Our thoughts, our words and our actions do matter.

What does this have to do with gratitude? At times it may be difficult to be grateful for the difficult time we are experiencing in our “real” lives. We may need to vent our anger, disappointment or frustration. If you don’t want to always burden your friends with the release of your less than pretty thoughts and emotions, it can be VERY beneficial to work with a spiritual mentor or coach. I have found that when I can vent and I’m grateful for the space to vent, then I can become grateful for the circumstance itself. Trying to go straight to gratitude without processing our feelings is not healthy. This is what’s known as a spiritual bypass. I have found that once I can process and move the energy, then I find authentic gratitude. I then can let go of being a victim and I become the victor. The grateful feelings toward the event transform, transmute or alchemize the energy of the undesirable circumstance.

I am grateful that, regardless of the circumstances, I still have a vision for a more loving and peaceful world. I am grateful that, regardless of all that has led me to this point, I can still follow through with the Willow Tree’s vision and mission.

With all of that said. The vision of the Willow Tree Center is alive. Only the timeline has shifted. The arc of progress is not always a straight line. We only think we live in linear time. If you wish to make the Goddesses laugh, tell them your plans.

Thank you for your patience. Expect to hear more so that together we can shift into being our best selves now as we go into the New Earth consciousness that is leading the way for more good to unfold as a result of us celebrating, with gratitude, everything that has brought us to this point in our individual and collective transformation.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Nancy Marks

Founder of WTC

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