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Elaine’s interest and love for whole food nutrition began over 22 years ago when her own health was compromised due to a busy, hectic lifestyle and career in the mortgage business. Through exploration and experimentation, I found ways to regain her own health and wellness and discovered the importance of nourishing both her  own body and her won heart.

As Elaine continued her healing journey, She began teaching classes and workshops at preschools, libraries, health care professionals’ offices, senior centers, corporate businesses, and wherever she could in order to educate and inspire others to make healthier choices in their lives for both themselves and their families. This soon led to healthy cooking and food choice classes for adults and programs to teach children of all ages how to make healthier choices.


Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom as she leads the whole foods for health and wellness workshops and classes.


Sharon DeLeon was born in Japan, “an Air Force Military Brat,” lived all over the US, and moved to California when she was 13. Feeling alone and searching for a better way, she found Seaside in 2002 and it has been her guiding light on her transformational journey to living a more authentic life and answering the deep call to service.

As a Practitioner, Sharon has a full time practice at Seaside; served as President of the Practitioner Core Council; taught classes, including Practitioner 2; facilitated and authored several Sacred Circle curriculums; and coordinated Special Events, including the annual Pledge Program and The Season for Non Violence program with the weekly “Good News” reports.

Sharon feels in alignment with her life purpose when she is able to sit with clients in their pain, discomfort, and darkness, holding the light and supporting them as they heal and transform their life situations through the use of Science of Mind principles and the power of prayer.

Sharon has a degree from Brooks College in Fashion Merchandising and has been a Buyer, a Merchandise Manager, and Director of Allocations and Planning. She lives in Oceanside with her husband, David, and their son, Ramon. Sharon says that recently becoming a mother has been her greatest call to service.



Nancy is dedicated to helping others and being of service.  She practices professionalism and is bound by a high code of ethics while providing a safe and confidential space for all clients.


After being trained and certified as a Louise Hay “Heal Your Life” Workshop Leader, Nancy has been a workshop and meditation facilitator since 1996.  In 2007, Nancy graduated as Practitioner with the Centers of Spiritual Living. In addition to the previously mentioned certifications, Nancy is an Alliance Certified yoga instructor; trained and certified at the Soul of Yoga, one of the leading yoga teacher training centers in the country.  She also is a Master level Usui Reiki practitioner.


In 2015, Nancy formed the Willow Tree, a non-profit driven by the vision to nourish people mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  At the core of this vision is a learning center where the tools to live a holistic, healthy and stress-free lifestyle are offered through workshops, classes and events.


In addition to Nancy’s vast amount of personal growth, development and consciousness work, she has extensive business experience such as regional sales manager for a business publication and executive director of a healthy lifestyles 13-week TV series hosted by Jane Seymour. She has also been the estate manager and personal concierge to entrepreneurial multi-millionaires as well as a  consultant to small business owners.


With Nancy’s diverse background and experience, she brings practicality to her practices and offers solid support, guidance, knowledge and experience to individuals, companies, schools and corporations. 



Yoga  has woven its way throughout Peggie's life since her early 20’s. Balancing family and a career plus maneuvering through life’s many challenges a practice within a studio was not always available but her. It was her personal yoga practice and her meditative mantra that kept everything in perspective.  After moving to Oceanside, 10 years ago she committed to a consistent practice within the Yoga Oceanside community and is fulfilling a lifetime goal of sharing this gift with others.  As a RYT500 Yoga Teacher and Usui Reiki Master, her goal is to help facilitate and promote healing and lessen stress in people.  Her hope is for every age, size, shape and ability who has the desire, find their way to yoga and to a healthier, happier life.



David believes there has always been a “Divine Hand” in his life. He truly believes that Life, or Infinite Spirit or God has looked out for him. He has no doubt that there was a definite plan for his life. David’s gifts and talent did not ‘pop up’ overnight. For the past thirty years, David have been transforming his thinking, celebrating little daily victories, co-creating a loving family life. Plus he has been learning how to give into the world community with faith and joy.


David’s ‘challenging’ years gave him compassion, vision, clarity, humbleness and an ever growing appreciation for the Higher Power that is within all of life and it is always desiring the best for all.

David is very passionate about offering Mindfulness Mediation to individuals, companies, schools and corporations.

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