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Corporate Objectives

Executive Summary

The Willow Tree Center is offering dynamic opportunities for local community members to join a growing movement that is intently focused on collaboratively creating a way of life that is healthy, just, equitable and humane. The goal of our organization is to present holistic educational programs in the interest of raising consciousness around important issues and offering solution-oriented services.


Mission & Vision Statements



The Willow Tree's mission is to serve the underserved by educating and modeling methods for implementing healthy lifestyle and sustainable living practices.  Through classes, events and workshops we will inspire the Southern California community to participate in bringing forth a peaceful and enduring world that works for everyone.



The motivation to create the Willow Tree Center is driven by the vision to nourish people mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. At the core of our vision we offer tools for living a holistic, sustainable, healthy and stress free lifestyle, regardless of socio-economic circumstances.


Company Goals, Intentions & Objectives


We are on the cusp of a new era and The Willow Tree Center is providing services for first timers and sages alike to be part of a growing consciousness that is making positive change in their local communities.


As traditional paradigms erode, people will have a place to bring their unique and shared ideas, talents and gifts to this expanding awareness and oneness.  It will be through connection that our responsibility as planetary stewards takes shape and emerges as individual and social evolution and expanded consciousness.  It is through this transformation and healing that community, families and the earth move into the next phase of peaceful unfoldment. 


It is the intention of the Willow Tree Center to be a part of a lifestyle movement in our region.  As a community working collectively, our positive impact will grow through outreach and education. Living a healthy lifestyle ensures that social, environmental and economic systems are viable and offer a healthy and meaningful life for citizens and future generations.  These goals will be achieved through the various classes, lectures, movies and workshops that the Willow Tree will offer. 


Business Philosophy


The most important objective is that the Willow Tree offers affordable classes; whether it is meditation, yoga, counseling, art, massage,  or healthy lifestyle education no one should be denied because of financial constraints. 


Because of the variable pricing scale  and because of generous donors, like you, our services and products will appeal to the underserved.  This business model will allow all who participate to make better choices.  Choices that help us live in more peaceful and enduring world dynamic.


This is a growing market segment; therefore a growing industry. As more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the consumer lifestyle that offers little in terms of personal satisfaction we will see an increase in individuals and families seeking rich fulfilling experiences.  And more and more people will be looking for opportunities to serve in a meaningful and fulfilling way. 


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